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2007 - Present;    Independent Cartographic Survey & Mapping

                              Vetted member of the UK Register of Expert Witnesses

2007 - 2012;    Astrium (formerly Infoterra Ltd and National Remote Sensing Centre), part of  EADS, (European Aeronautic Defence and Space), and now part of Airbus

Digital Mapping Analyst

Security cleared to work on mapping of world-wide conflict and disaster areas from satellite imagery and Remote Sensing data.

2003 - 2006;    Under contract to Ordnance Survey, East Midlands Region

Collection of bridge restriction information for input into Satellite Navigation systems.

• Supervision and coordination of a team of six contract staff and four Ordnance Survey Senior Managers engaged on field audits of the currency of large scale mapping.

• Reconciliation of Royal Mail Postal Address files with Ordnance Survey large scale
mapping for the AddressPoint database.

• Field audits of the currency of large scale mapping.

• Field audits of Integrated Transport Network data.

1964 - 2003;    Ordnance Survey, Southampton

Ordnance Survey Expert Witness.

Trained and experienced in the writing of expert reports and in giving verbal evidence for the Civil and Criminal Courts in litigation involving boundary disputes, Rights of Way and map interpretation.

Production Group Manager for Leicestershire, Rutland and Derbyshire
Chief Surveyor for Leicestershire, Rutland and Warwickshire
Chief Surveyor for Leicestershire, S. Derbyshire and E. Staffordshire
Chief Surveyor for Gloucester and Forest of Dean
Chief Surveyor for South West Wales

Management of a team of 11 - 14 surveyors and administrative support staff with overall responsibility for the quality and currency of the large scale mapping for the designated areas.  Management and control of a budget covering direct expenditure, estate management and salaries.  Liaison with local Authorities to ensure efficient interchange of intelligence and data.  Daily contact with the public to negotiate access to property, answer queries and deal with complaints.  Membership of the Regional Management Board with delegated portfolio responsibilities at Regional level, and at National level for Relationships with the Public.

Survey Standards and Validation Adviser to the Government of the Republic of Indonesia

Secondment to PUSDATA, Sekretariat Jenderal, Jakarta. Analysis and recommendations on national mapping specifications, digital specifications, coordinate systems, referencing systems and validation of Contractors' work. Training of Balinese surveyors in Large Scale Topographic Map Revision by Ground Survey methods.

Digital Mapping Update Section Manager

Management and co-ordination of a team digitising Large Scale maps. Management of the supply of Digital Map Data to customers under contractual obligations. Responsibility for the security of hardware, software and data.

Regional Marketing Liaison Officer

Management of Regional exhibitions, displays and presentations. Prime contact with Local Authority Liaison Officers.

Chief Surveyor (Technical)

Management of the technical aspects of the activities of 100+ regional surveyors.

Regional Planning Section Manager

Management of a team of Regional Planners responsible for the planning of the activities of 100+ surveyors, including co-ordination of derived mapping programmes and aerial photography.

Survey Team Leader

Management of a team of surveyors updating the large scale mapping of Mid and North Wales.


Surveys at 1:1250 and 1:2500 scale, including surveys for Her Majesty's Land Registry.

Summary of qualifications

Admitted to vetted membership of the UK Register of Expert Witnesses

Higher National Certificate in Surveying, Cartography & Planning (Merit)

Ordinary National Certificate in Surveying, Cartography & Planning (Distinction)

Summary of training

• Global Positioning Systems (Nottingham University)

• Single Joint Expert training (Bond Solon Training)

• Advanced Negotiation (AMT International)

• Expert Witness (Bond Solon Training)

• Digital Data Capture (Ordnance Survey)

• Digital Field Update (Ordnance Survey)

• 1:10,000 scale Resurvey (Ordnance Survey)

• Electromagnetic Distance Measurement (Ordnance Survey)

• Optical Tacheometry (Ordnance Survey)

• 1:2500 scale Air Ground Revision (Ordnance Survey)

• Surveys for Her Majesty's Land Registry (Ordnance Survey)

• 1:1250 and 1:2500 scale Revision (Ordnance Survey)

• 1:1250 scale Resurvey (Ordnance Survey)