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Cartographic Survey and Mapping Consultancy

With over 40 years experience as a surveyor with Ordnance Survey I can provide advice and expert opinion on most mapping related problems;
  • A full mapping history of any site, together with an assessment and interpretation of what is shown
  • Detailed and extensive knowledge and experience of Ordnance Survey practices and mapping specifications
  • Expert opinion on Ordnance Survey's mapping of property boundaries and Rights of Way

  • Expert analysis of aerial photography and satellite imagery
  • Advice on your particular situation, and an Expert report for court if necessary
  • Evidence that is fully compliant with
    • Civil Procedure Rules Part 35 (Experts and Assessors)
    • The associated Practice Direction
    • Civil Justice Council guidance for the instruction of experts in civil claims
    • Criminal Procedure Rules Part 19 (Expert evidence)
  • Survey and Mapping advice to legal professionals during site inspections